Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hooked on electricity

It is incredible how much we rely on electricity for everything. Today, because of some high winds in Montreal, Concordia lost power (well, at least Loyola did). Classes were stopped, students could no longer edit their projects or work on the computers, ATM machines were out of service and cafeterias were not serving food because the cash registers were not working.

Funny thing is, is that in the journalism / communication building, everyone congregated to the small seating area we have. The place became the central hub for the latest on the electricity situation. Everyone had a story on how the lack of electricity was ruining their day and their plans. People lost valuable work on the computers, my radio class was unable to finish.

There was a buzz. What now? What do we do? We are so used to living in our own little bubble with all the technology around us, it seemed almost imagineable that we would not have eelectricity for a few hours.

It felt as if people were asking, :"Really, what did people do before electricity?"

Believe it or not - people talked, people discussed, people communicated. Maybe this is a sign that we must put some of the technology aside for a few minutes and reconnect with reality.


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