Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Check your facts

It's a given - you have to check your facts, you have to get second sources. Did I ever feel lucky I did that today!

Our newspaper got a press release from the office of Lucie Charlebois in the Soulanges area. The press release announces with pomp and ceremony that $13,000 in additional money has been found to fund 3 libraries in the area. "Wow!" I thought. the government is really trying to be nice and generous.

Right. You gotta love PR people for putting a spin on the smallest things. Guess what? I called the St. Lazare library and spoke to the person in charge of purchasing books for the library (where the funding was going to). He told me - geez, what a way to not really lie about somethign but to make it sound better than it really is.

Actually, the additional money has been granted not because the government is feeling nice today, but because it is part of the yearly re-evaluation of money allocated to libraries. Any city that has a population increase automatically gets more money. More people = more money for books. Simple as that.

So, in brief, there is new money (although not significant enough to jump up with joy), but the PR people just wanted their names to be next to the words "more money". What a shame. Too bad for them I checked up my facts and didn't just rewrite their press release.


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