Friday, November 11, 2005

Watch this: Sat Nov. 12 RDI

I have just watched a haunting report on Radio-Canada on post-war reactions from veterans from the newer wars - Gulf, Iraq, Kosovo, Rwanda.

They are the perfect example that Remembrance day will not die out with aging WWII and Korean veterans.

They have been deeply scarred and they have no help, no real support. One man said: "you would have done us a service to shoot us when we came back."

They have nightmares, thoughts of suicide, and the Gulf syndrome (which the government still refuses to admit.) But when you see one woman veteran in her hospital bed shaking, crying in pain, a pain she doesn't understand, you wonder, where are our priorities?

One said that soldiers are a tool for Canada, they are no longer people.

Watch this report, it was wonderfully done and incredibly haunting. It replays Saturday November 12 on RDI at 10pm. There are no words to properly describe what you will feel when you watch it.


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