Monday, December 05, 2005

Recap of the semester

In 3.5 hours, my Fall 2005 semester will be over. I am tired and my brain no longer seems to function properly. I suppose that is end-of-semester-student syndrome. I figured I should look back at the semester and see if my previous posts (J school Blues) were indeed warranted. Was the semester such a flop afterall?

The semester has been bitter sweet - I had two great classes - Radio newsroom and Intro to TV. I have learned more in these classes than my other two (Reporting Methods and Turning Points in Broadcast). Radio and TV were hands-on learning experiences that showed me how difficult and complex it is to create news for the radio and television; especially when you are your own cameraman, reporter and editor.

I have lost a few interviews because I did not start the camera when I thought I had, I have had trouble editing radio clips, trouble finding people to talk to me on time. All of it was hard on the morale, as not everything I produced was great quality work. But I learned it is a work in progress. I need to make some mistakes to get it right.

Wendy, from a few of my classes, including radio, suggested the department include more radio classes. I completely agree. There are 4 classes to TV; intro, intermediate and advanced (an entire year). For radio, there is only intro and radio newsroom. We want more radio!! And as she was saying, CJLO is set to go to air (finally!) and will need people producing some news. An extra class on radio would be welcomed and coulg give CJLO some material to air.

As for Reporing methods (focuses on business an crime reporting) - I was slightly disapointed. Not with the teacher - he was quite helpful and insightful, but in the course material. Business reporting is more complicated than you'd think. I do not understand economics and stocks and market changes. So how on earth am I supposed to report on this? as I've said before, we need more knowledge on the subject. After half a semester of business reporting, I still am clueless as to what amortization funds are. Maybe we should get a document with the main business terms - a short breakdown on ow finances work. As for crime, I love the idea of going to court and listening in on trials and lawsuits (there are a lot of interestings thigs happening at the court house every day). But at the end of the semester, it is hard for students to devote an entire morning to sit in in court and write a 400 word article on it. Suggestion: maybe put court hearings at the beggining of the semester...usually students are more available.

Turning points - I'm not sure what to think of this class, really. I feel I have learned little, if nothing. There were a few interesting articles and texts in the course pack, but sadly I feel the class tried to cover too much ground and did not focus on anything. We spent too much time trying to identify WHAT a turning point is, only to really agree to disagree - that there is not one single answer to that question. I had that much figured out by class one...We talked about a few turning points, but mostly concerning the American media. I have nothing against American Media, but we are in Canada after all. Maybe it is time to revise the course pack, and the overbearing emphasis on what is a turning point.


Anonymous wendy said...

we'll get more radio, don't you worry your pretty head about it. i just need your signature sometime before next semester.
i understand what you mean about the braindead-ness. i've been typing the last turning points essay for hours now... my brain is mush. i kinda want to cite this blog post you just made, since i'm talking about how televisions use politician.. err... how politicians use television... yeah, i'm about ready for bed now.

1:36 AM  
Anonymous wendy said...

if it makes you feel any better melanie, no matter how much you may think you flubbed a few little things this semester, you did not manage to fuck up as spectacularly as i did.
ask me to tell you about it sometime.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


IM a commerce student at ConU and I was wondering if any journalism students would be interested in writing for a student publication (like "The Link" and the "Concordian") that is more geared towards commerce and engineering students.

10:49 PM  

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