Saturday, October 08, 2005

A little Draino never hurt anyone

October 2005 and we're still feeding the American complex of fear.

On 9/11, I said that no attack on American soil will occur until at least 10 years have passed. So far, four years into it, I'm right.

It's ironical how the CIA can spot the hoaxes, but not the real thing, or at least wouldn't want to.

Yes, in case there is strong conviction of an attack about to unfold, intervention must take place. I'm not saying it is wrong to stop all movement within the targeted area in order to prevent lives from being taken and injuries inflicted. I'm saying it's wrong to go that far, to continuously instill fear into the public and disrupt their everyday life, simply predicated on a huntch.

If I were to place a call tomorrow morning to NYPD and state there is a bomb on the blue line traveling Manhattan, what do you think is going to happen?

Ok, ok, I won't do it. But do you see the power behind a prank phone call from a girl in Parc-Ex?

Some of the world's most elite, most ingenious people work for the U.S. and its intelligence and investigation sector. I want them to know what they're doing, know what they're dealing with. Come on peeps, get to the bottom of it - find out EVERYTHING before you act, afterall, you're highly skilled and trained professionals who do such for a living, against the clock, with millions of lives at stake.

Let's not feed the complex. And for heaven's sake, you can't make up for a huge past mistake in the future. A day late, a buck short for 9/11, so suck it up and leave the complex of fear alone.

Nothing exists unless it has a place of foster - this notion, or rather this fact, includes terrorism.


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