Friday, October 14, 2005

Right on the Edge: Where I need to be.

I have a class called Television News, and it is being taught by an established television news reporter. I am enjoying the learning process, and I consider all feedback, both from the other students and my instructor, to be constructive and fair. Today I handed in a 45 second VOT (Voice over tape), and although the instructor will take a week to fully evaluate all submissions, a few comments already given, have cemented my focus.

The comments from my instructor; "You've obviously put a lot of effort into this assignment", and "It's right on the edge."

The first part may have been a diplomatic way of saying - You put a lot of thought and effort into a tape I'm not particularily fond of - lol. I would hope every student would put a lot of effort into their submissions, because if not - Why are you there?

As for the second - Right on!

Now I know the instructor's intention was to let me know that the subject, or rather my presentation of it, was most likely not going to air (if I was in a real newsroom) as is, but I succeeded in my intention. First off, to never be boring. Secondly, to provoke a reaction. It is not my intention to wail at the moon, with every opportunity, but I chafe at the notion I was shooting for a "Fox News" effect.

My instructor expressed some amount of shock; "I'm surprised that you did this!" , or words to that effect. Yet apart from conveying information, and presenting a clear message in an interesting manner, a journalist should strive to push into a viewer's consciousness, a subject or event of importance, no matter how potentially upsetting it may be. My class was taken aback (trepidation, scared, depressed..etc,), but I was mildly surprised by their surprise, because many of them seemed like they wanted to change the way news was thought of and presented - to them at least.

I should mention that this is an introductory course, and I will take whatever constructive criticisms come my way. I will also wear the -Right on the edge - as a badge of honour. I don't mean to be presumptious, but if I have a lengthy career as a journalist, and consistently put out quality pieces that are each titled as such, I will have succeeded in my intention. To tell interesting things, in an interesting manner, and to not allow the status-quo to impede on my passion to do so.

I respect my instructor, I'm interested in this course, and I believe I will be just as interested in the two subsequent courses. It may just be that I'm inclined to documentary news reporting, rather than the six and 11 o'clock news formats. I may have been a little too aggressive for a 45 second presentation, but if it becomes evident that I prefer being right on the edge, then so be it.

Being on the edge, is where I need to be.


Blogger Sikander said...

Hey, if it'll never go to air, it can certainly be shown on the Pod. ;)

3:43 PM  
Blogger Darcy O'Brien said...

-lol- I'll let you know S :)

8:48 PM  

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