Friday, October 21, 2005

J-school update

Apart from the few hiccups, j-school isn't all that bad. A somewhat dull (yet useful) class has suddenly been given a new life by a new, young instructor who'll be teaching us crime and court reporting for the second half of the semester. He warned us his class will be very difficult and that he rarely gives A's. So while we're mentally prepared for reporting hell, I think most of us are still looking forward to it because it's vibrant, hands-on and challenging. (Plus, he seems like a nice guy).

That's the "real education for the real world" we're looking for.

The theory-laden class that seems to be a popular topic of discussion on this blog is also rattling along. I think it has become slightly more interesting as we and the instructor get the hang of things, but I hate to think of what he and the department have coming their way via mid-term course evaluations.

Application deadlines for scholarships and internshipse be coming up soon. If any readers are aware of opportunities for newbies like us, please do let us know.

We were recently introduced to the CBC's Joan Donaldson scholarships. Early indications are that competition will be very tight, even within the department. There really is so much talent here that I don't even feel like applying. But as I've learned in life, it never hurts to try.

Advice on which internships to look forward to and which ones to dread is appreciated as well.

We also have the option of going for a one-week internship at one of seven media outlets. All but two are small local papers.

Let me throw this out there:

You're a second- or third-year student. You're into broadcast and have the option of spending a week at either CJAD (news talk) or at Radio Canada International.

Which one do you go for? Why?


Anonymous wendy said...

SIKANDER. DON'T do CJAD. (and I'm not telling you this because I want the internship there and don't want to have to compete against you! :P)

I'm not going to reveal my sources for all the world wide web to see, but I'll explain why when I see you on Monday.
Suffice to say, it just makes more SENSE to go for RCI.

And as for the Joan Donaldson, I believe you have a VERY good shot - barring the fact that they usually choose Dips over Undergrads, of course. On the website for it, they have profiles of past winners. You can sort of get a feel for what they're looking for.

TV has made an overnight turnaround, hasn't it? I'm thrilled to start working on actual packaged reports.
And just wait 'til you take Advanced Radio next semester. You'll love it - it's ALL production and adrenaline and cramped fingers from dialing and getting out there to cover stories that matter.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous wendy said...

by the way, check this out, guys.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Melanie Holubowski said...

RCI all the way!
No offence to CJAD and team 990, but I do not like the too fast / too upbeat manner they deliver news. It always seems like everything is an emergency. LOL
Plus, I am francophone, so this might be one of the only opportunity Concordia offers us a FRENCH internship.Where is La Presse interships? Le Devoir? Radio-Canada? TVA? ConU...there is a lot more than English networks in Montreal...especially Montreal!
One thing about this year's internships is there is no TV option! Huh? I need some TV experience! Please! Where's Global? CTV? Anyone?!
I'll take RCI definitely, but I will be looking on my own for some more interships - you never know what might pop up. (wink, wink, anyone out there can send me some intership ideas!!) lol

7:51 PM  

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