Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hit the road, Black!

I don’t know how other people handle their trash, but I for one don’t bring it back in my house, after I’ve kicked it to the curb.

I demand that my country follow suit.

If you’re a Canadian citizen you probably realize how good you have it, and you wouldn’t think of renouncing the privileges and benefits that accompany being a citizen of this country.

Yet Conrad Black did just that, and now he wants back in.


Black, you wanted to be a “Lord”, you knew what it would cost, and you made the decision - now live with it.

Maybe you’re just a coward who wants to run away from the disapproving glances of the hoity-toity British socialites, as you are pulled by your heels through the American judicial system, with charges of corporate malfeasance and alleged criminal activities, pending.

Perhaps you've sniffed and sampled all the Timeless (" a cognac made by Hennessy from a blend of eleven cognacs dating from 1900 to 1990. Only 2,000 bottles were produced (actually to mark the millennium) and each one was numbered") you could find in Europe, and realized that the grass isn’t quite greener over there, after all.

I could care less what your reasons are for trying to reacquire the citizenship you tossed away, for a snooty little title to put in front of your name. You’re over and done!

Citizenship in this country shouldn’t be treated like an article of clothing that you pick-up or discard, at a whim. There are thousands of people around this globe that would give their eyeteeth to have the privilege of the title - Canadian citizen. Normally I’d say, get in line, but you had your kick at the can and you chose to discard it. So given those realities, I say to you;


You are of absolutely no benefit to this nation, and that must be the overriding criteria for being considered.

Someone suggested to me that you should be taxed to the max. Well that’s not likely to do any good for three reasons;

First, the Conservatives are the national government, at this time, so I seriously doubt they’ll champion taxing the wealthy.
Secondly, the ousted Liberals have no leg to stand on when it comes to taxing the wealthy (they allowed Bronfman Jr. to spirit away $2 billion, from Canada, in order to buy Universal Studios in the early 90s (without a holding tax), then proceeded to engineer the largest cutback in health care spending, in Canadian history,the following year.), and obviously, they’re not in power, so once again they’re useless.
Thirdly, statistics recently shown, have confirmed what the common person has already known, that the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. So taxing you won’t amount to anything.

Bottom line is you are of no benefit to this nation.

From a broadcast point of view, you’re a lousy interview. From a personal perspective, I'm sick to death of seeing a pompous corporate mogul (in rapid descent) taking space in this nation's print and broadcast media.

You are yesterday's news, and they should be ashamed for keeping you current.

So give my regards to that other antiquated appendage that you worship so openly - the monarchy, and don't go away angry, but..

*Cue music*

Hit the road Black, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

brilliant darcy.
but the question on my mind is how poor wee babsy's doing in all of this.

in a summer issue of macleans she commented, rather ironically, on vogue editrix anna wintour's "economic insulation from reality," recalling her urgings to babs to buy a pricey trenchcoat: "That afternoon, I forked out some US$12,000 and took it home for an hour, only to return it the same day. When she asked me, I mumbled something about having exhausted my budget for the season."

good heavens, what will she do now? no more london, no more snakeskin trenches... it's really her we ought to be feeling sorry for.

7:59 PM  

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