Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Finally, a flawless newscast

In October, Mel posted a message ridden with frustration about one of our newscasts not making it to air when she was assignment editor. Today was the opposite.
For Tuesday's Jour 330 class (advanced radio), this was both the second-to-last newscast and the final 'formal' newscast as next week's is a spin-off/spoof.
It was my turn to be assignment editor so I wanted to make it special. I made sure to contact everyone two days in advance, and keep in contact via phone and e-mail during the hours leading up to Tuesday's show. This was key. Everyone was comfortable with me and I think my caring made them feel good, in turn wanting to care back. I supplied most of the ideas, but maintained fairness with my group. We had built a concept for the newscast and were at the same time prepared for the event in which huge news would break and we would have to deviate from our plans. No such occurance took place.
Here's what we had: A common-youth focus on the UN Climate Change Conference (this was our theme of the show), including a pak, debrief and streeter; then local (Mtl metro system detailed information found on terrorist suspect's computer, Mtl Alouettes), national (opposition party motion) and international copy (tropical storm Gamma, X-Box 360); a pak on sleep deprevation and a beef of the week (editorial) on French education. We incorporated solid use of supporting sound throughout the newscast. Writing was solid and the newscast was informative, professional and creative. I am very proud to have played the part of AE today and I can't thank my group enough for the great time we had. I think the show was pretty much flawless, and, well, it's about damn time ;)
If you're boss one day, communication, delegation skills and preparation are key! The capriciousness of news and the vagaries of humanity aren't excuses for not being prepared. Journalism, production and projection of which, as I've learned in this class is quite the challenge. It's so demanding to tell someone to be at least one step ahead of the game when the game itself isn't yet to be known. A challenge, but not an impossibility, and Tuesday, November 22nd's newscast proved so.
Brush that dirt of your shoulders homies, we did well.


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Propers to Dave Cohen (debrief), Raffy Boudjikanian (streeter), Nicole Amiel (pak), Faraz Karmali (line-up editor and copy), Melanie Holubowski (editorial), Wendy Smith (pak and announcer), and Catherine Kendler (announcer and copy).

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