Thursday, July 12, 2007

Foreign news channels

For some reason, I'm really intrigued by news channels from other countries. It's fun seeing what others are talking about and how they're doing it. It wasn't possible in the past due to language barriers, but now there's a slow stream of English-language foreign news channels making their way online.

As I posted before, I subscribed to Al Jazeera English which offered an interesting perspective. Earlier today, I tuned in to Press TV, Iran's new news channel online, for free. Then I fell upon France 24 and am now tuned in to Russia Today, which is pretty impressive. It was interesting seeing their reporter outside the White House and to hear the sad story of a family in Moscow that had been evicted and had taken their story public with Russia Today hoping they'd get the help from abroad that they weren't getting from within Russia.

In weather, they had weather for Toronto and Ottawa, but not Montreal.

Check 'em out and compare them to Newsworld, CNN, and the BBC.


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