Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mr. Harper's Car Key

Today was the second to last "dry run" for my Advanced Radio News class. I'll confess, I haven't even touched the software editing program - Pro Tools - yet. So it came as a welcome relief when today's AE (Ben Raby), offered to let me do an Op-Ed.

Now first you'll need a little background information.

First, Stephen Harper and the Conservative party of Canada, have just won the right to form the next minority government.

Secondly, do you remember your Dad's old car, maybe your Grandmother's? You know, the one that needed two keys to operate? One for the ignition (engine), and another that opened the doors and trunk. You do? Well you're all set then.

What follows is my Op-Ed. It came readily to me, because it came the instant I saw the results.

harpers keys/Darcy/Jan 25,2006 - 3pm/OP-ED/Concordia News/pg7

Stephen Harper has won Canada's car key...for all the good that will do him.

He ran a compaign with a focus on accountability...well Mr. Harper open up the trunk and tell the nation what you see.

While you're at it, have your mechanics pop the hood and check the fluids...we've been noticing a drop in power recently. You can even sit in the driver's seat and play at being PM... just don't ask for the engine key...not yet anyway, because with a minority government, Canadians are not ready to see where you want to drive them.

You understand don't you?

Cautious parents get nervous when their kids are too eager to put the pedal to the metal... especially when they have so little in the way of practical experience.

Afterall, it's only prudent to make sure everything is in running order...before that first spin.


Blogger Ogilvie said...

Harper has 'driven' some other 'cars' before that people said he'd never handle--Reform and Alliance are two makes--and he surprised everybody with how well he handled them. People told him those vehicles could go nowhere either.

10:55 PM  
Blogger Brian Lemon said...

Pretty weak stuff. I'm sure you can do better, or wanna be in the wrong business.

10:04 PM  

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