Friday, November 03, 2006

It's About Respect !

Overheard in the hallways of Concordia's School of Journalism, was a little whine about how soon-to-be true blue journalists should not wear a Poppy while doing a television broadcast. Something to do with a journalist having to remain "neutral".

Huh?! What?!

From the Canadian Legion's website;

"Each November, Poppies blossom on the lapels and collars of over half of Canada’s entire population. Since 1921, the Poppy has stood as a symbol of Remembrance, our visual pledge to never forget all those Canadians who have fallen in war and military operations. The Poppy also stands internationally as a “symbol of collective reminiscence”, as other countries have also adopted its image to honour those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice."

Nothing at all neutral about making the ultimate sacrifice - now is there?!

If someone chooses to practise self-censorship, that's a personal choice. Just don't you dare say that in an instance such as this, you are doing it in order to be "neutral".

The last thing this country needs, in an era of media-convergent-gluttony and political abdication, is for the so-called keepers of the faith to put aside their respect for those that came before us, answered a call that put others ahead of themselves, came home permanently infirmed because of it, or never had the opportunity to come home at all.

We don't need to see that lack of honour on display, in our homes, by way of a Canadian televised newscast, during the month of November.

If you're that put off by wearing a Poppy, and you work in front of the camera - take a sick leave.

If you were raised to honour and respect others, to understand that in the eyes of the original members of the United Nations, that it is precisely because of the brave sacrifices of Canadian men and women, in both World Wars, that Canada was awarded a "special status" as a member nation (when it in fact did not merit membership, based on the criteria of the day) - wear that Poppy and shame those who are either ignorant, or dismissive of those facts.

On a personal note, whenever you see me in the halls, or in a class on campus, consider me "miked-up".
I think it may be of interest to other Canadians, to know the thoughts of those who may soon be entrusted with "advancing" the notions of freedom of expression, and an "unfettered" press.

If you're so constipated with politcal correctness that you worry about offending anyone before you take to the streets to get the story, either sign yourself up for an enema, or choose another profession.
The industry is topped out with will-o-the-wisp, morally bankrupt, title chasers.