Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blues no more

Aaaaah. The smell of a new semester, a new year.
But wait a minute? Darcy you might have jumped the gun and come to class a day early, but the journalism building is looking eerily quiet today.
Where is everyone? Still on vacation?

In our intermediate TV class today, there were four of us. Brian Gabrial, our teacher, seemed a little confused as to where everyone was.

The food counter in the building (although too overpriced for me to be buying anything in the first place.) is closed. Maybe a few students could not function without coffee and simply decided to go back to bed until food and coffee are available.

The department's secretary wasn't there today, and the light were shut off in her office...eery indeed.

On the bright side, I am up and at 'em, ready to start the semester again, eager to continue writing, shooting and editing. I have, what I believe to be five fantastic classes and cannot wait to get going on the projects. Yes, yes, eager am I, but news doesn't wait...imagine all the stories I could have produced over the last month for school projects?

The next few days will go by and I will see how this semester will evolve. I feel the September J-school blues being washed away by the snow - YES! I'm back in business!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Eager beaver not better

The mining tragedy that has happened in West Virginia over the last few days has stunned me and somewhat shocked me as a journalist. Have we become too eager to get news out, at the expense of the integrity and truth in the information?

Last night, after supper, news channels were announcing that the miners had survived. People were cheering, families were ecstatic. A few hours later, reports now said only one survived, all the others miners had died in the accident. Families waited over three hours to see their loved ones come home, only to be told 'sorry there was miscommunication.'

I couldn't help but think, were the media pressing too hard for information even before it was thouroughly checked? Everyone wants the information now and as fast as possible. Aren't we playing on people's nerves and feelings?

This event also made me think of the time CNN aired the live emergency landing of a plane. The thought of family and friends watching this as a possible tragedy could occur was a little much for me. Don't we have a little respect? It might be one thing to say an emergency landing is happening - but to watch second by second of it is too much.

In both cases, this shows that the media is sometimes too prevalent in people's lives - we have becomed obsessed with peering into everyone's lives.

Tonight on the news, CBC reporter said 'now questions are being asked as to why such a tragedy happened and how was it possible that such a tragedy even got worse.' Just a thought that journalists must remember that the people they are interviewing are people, not just a subject for the 6 o'clock news.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Early Bird Doesn't Get The Worm

I couldn't believe my good fortune, I took the 07:15 commuter train - and got a seat!?
Holy cow, that never happens. My station is almost dead center on the line, so during
rush hours - fuggettaboutit! I'm usually crammed up against people that don't cover their
mouths when the cough, and more often than not, facing someone who considers daily oral
hygene an option. Yuk!

I arrive downtown and almost immediately get a bus that takes me to the campus shuttle bus.
Second bit of luck to go my way today.

The morning was a tad chilly, so I grabbed a large mochachino (chocolate/coffee) at the Second Cup near the downtown campus, and walked back to wait for the shuttle.

The shuttle to the west-end campus arrives, and within two-shakes-of-a-lambs-tail, whiskes myself and three other students westward. Wow - leg room galore.
I'm really striking it rich. Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket?

We arrive at the west-end campus at 08:34, and I'm pleased because I have plenty of time to
grab a bite before my 09:15 class. Students are milling about. Milling about?! It's -9 celsius!

Anyways, I'm searching for a coffee and a danish. No luck this time, as not one on the campus'
food kiosques is open. Not even the cafeteria.

I drop off my bag and gear in my locker, and go check out the lab where I'll be taking Advanced Desktop Publishing. I select a work station and cop a squat. After 15 minutes of checking various news sites, I head downstairs to the bookstore to pick-up this semesters books.
There are already 8 people ahead of me, but it's no problemo because they open the store as
I arrive. Only one book in, oh well, at least I have first choice.

I go back to the class and do some more web surfing.

Now it's 09:22 when I get a funny feeling. Did they move the class? Did the prof call the school
from Cuba and inform them that he missed his plane?

I go into the journalism offices to see whats what;

"Happy New Year!" I say smiling broadly to the woman who is passing into the inner offices.
She returns my salutation pleasantly.

"Uh..I was wondering if my class has been cancelled?"

"No", she replies, "The university is open today, but classes start tomorrow."

Jaw drop.

"You're just an eager beaver aren't you?", she says with just the hint of stiffling laughter.

Heat rising in cheeks.

Feeling stupid.

Four extra hours of sleep lost.....forever lost.

"I guess I am."

Sometimes the early bird is an idiot.